Hand Of Creation

Duration:  4 Weeks

Team size: 9 People

Language: C++, Blueprint

Engine: Unreal engine

My role: Gameplay programmer

This is my latest team project at Futuregames and our goal was to make a puzzle game. Hand of creation was developed in Unreal Engine and is an asymmetrical low paced 3D puzzle game where you use planes to build bridges to jump on and place cubes to hold down buttons.

Hand of creation tells the story of a master thief who manages to sneak into heaven and steal one of heaven's most prized possessions - the Hand of Creation. Upon fleeing the rage of the angels, the thief manages to get out, but is now trapped in Limbo, a broken world between heaven and hell.

You as the player need to find your way out before the legions from both heaven and hell finds you. The road ahead is filled with obstacles and dangers, but with a keen mind and your new power you can make a path through, and escape.

My role in this project was gameplay programmer and I worked mainly with the Camera, Game save/Death function and Player Controller.

In our team we were 3 second year students which were us programmers and 6 first year students (3 Designers and 3 artists(3D) at Futuregames.

Hand of creation was developed over four weeks. This project took part when we had settled in with the new life of quarantine and it was clear that we had gotten used to this new way of working remote.

As always in a project we set up a Trello board, a Miro board and held daily stand ups. Since this was our fourth and last project, we had gotten some practice of agile working and scrum so this time around we had a good structure , we showed the first-year students what we learned from our last projects and our experience with scrum.

This project went pretty well, and we managed to finish in time. We worked closely together even though we worked remote. I am happy about the end product, but I do believe we should have done a better job on our camera system and to make it more clear for the player where to go.

The programming part. 

Since we only had 4 weeks, we started with dividing our tasks. I worked mostly with the camera and learned how to use splines in unreal. It was a good practice.

We communicated well between us three programmers and I believe we balanced it well with what should be made with C++ and what should be made with blueprint. what I did was mostly in blueprint and just smaller parts was in code.

Camera spline. 

This is the main menu camera spline. The reason we chose to implement it was to get a better UI to heighten the players first impression of our game. UI is something that plays an important part of the Hand of creation game.


This spline was used in our intro pnning view.